Managed IT and Computer Repair

Meet the family

At Benconnected, people come before computers. And that starts with our great staff!


Ben Moore

Ben is the founder and lead technician of Benconnected Computer Services. Starting out in his garage, his attention to detail and thinking like the client quickly built a loyal clientele. His business is now serving well over 1,000 clients. Not only does he serve the valley as a small business owner, Ben also spends his time and resources bringing technology to other countries through Nazarene Global Missions.


Michael Vernor

Michael has worked for Benconnected since 2011 and is the resident renaissance man and Chief Meddler. His title of Sales Service Manager may be just as made up as the rest, but whether you are a new client or a founding member, Michael will jump to take care of whatever you need. In his spare time, Michael spends time with his family, plays softball, and is very involved in his church.

David Vinson

Former Micron Electrical Engineer and NNU Grad, David came to Benconnected in 2017. You will often recognize him by his many yellow items – an obvious favorite color. Computers and troubleshooting have been a passion and pastime for years, and his experience with us is already more than some IT guys get in a lifetime. He is our primary contract technician by day, as well as a gamer, runner, Ultimate Frisbee player, and family man. If you see him around the valley in the little green Benconnected hatchback, give him a honk and a wave!