Managed IT and Computer Repair

Just need the Number?

Centrally located in Nampa, we proudly serve over one-thousand clients from Boise to Parma. Click here to Find Us!

We understand that choosing and IT company is like finding a good mechanic. You want someone who knows what they are doing and won’t take advantage of you. We do our best not overwhelm you with geek speak, and we don’t charge you for things you didn’t ask for.

We can handle everything from simple computer tune-ups to virus chases and data transfers. For your business, we can fix your existing network or design something from scratch. Don’t go crazy trying to do it yourself, let us guide you and take the hard stuff off of your plate so you can focus on what you do best.

At Benconnected, our staff and problem-solving technicians are always looking for ways to make your experience frustration-free. We want to make your devices work for you. And we know that your DATA is the most important thing! We always keep it private, and we take every reasonable measure not to lose your pictures, documents and other important data.

Like all good tech companies, we started in a garage and worked our way to success. Though we are no longer in a garage, we depend on the same values of customer service and hard work to continue to grow. Since 2001 we have been in the IT system management and computer repair business, so we know our stuff.